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The Price of Heat

Dear customers and energy supply clients,
the price of heating for the year 2010 from the central provider of heat will be 399.60 CZK/GJ exclusive of VAT (i.e. 436 CZK/GJ inc. 10% VAT) and thus remains one of the lowest in the region.
As from 1.1.2011 the calculated price of heat remains valid at 404 CZK/GJ exclusive of VAT (i.e. 444 CZK/GJ inc. 10% VAT).
We are able to stabilize the long-term price of heating by investing in the modernization of heat distribution and in the latest technology for the production of heat from bio-mass. The firm TTS Energo s.r.o. delivered, from its central source, more than 90% of heat from renewable sources ? bio-mass ? in 2010.
The unique project called "Green Heat for Třebíč" contributes in no small way to the protection of the earth?s climate, to regional energy independence and the sustainable development of the region.
Ing. Richard Horký, Company Director